Intelligent Neutral and Reverse (iNR)

Award Winning Control

The Legendary Rotax 4-TEC Engine is the most proven technology in jet propulsion. With over 450,000 currently in operation and three power levels from one proven block.

Ease of Shifting

Shift effortlessly from neutral to forward to reverse. Typical jet propulsion systems use levers and cables to engage the reverse gate requiring too much elbow grease. iNR is a completely electronic system that engages swiftly and accurately every time.

Stationary Neutral Positioning

A game changing feature for jet propulsion, the iNR system allows you to adjust your boat's neutral position on-the-fly. Fine tune the gate position until the boat is completely neutral. Docking a jet boat has never been so easy.

Enhanced Low Speed Maneuverability

iNR combines stationary neutral positioning, electronic shifting and BRP's patented lateral thrust control for confidence inspiring low speed handling unheard of in other jet propulsion systems.

Touch Screen Command Center

Scarab's optional Touch Screen Command puts all of your boat's key functions right at your fingertips. Everything you need to know about your engine's operating information, including shift indicator, MPH and RPM, engine hours, fuel capacity are all at your helm. There's also a mode selection for how you will be running your boat - ski, cruising, cruise control and docking profiles are available. You can quickly monitor the air and water temperature, and operate a media board for your camera system. See your dealer for a demonstration of the Scarab Touch Screen Command Center.